AutoTopic: Describe Your Ideal Saturday Night

Ha!  Ok you asked for it, Mr. WordPress autotopic generator.  My Ideal Saturday Night occurs sometime in the future, so I suppose this will be my first published Science Fiction.  I think it will look a lot like this when if it happens:

I am surveying my small kingdom from my front porch with a beer snuggled into a coozie in hand.  The evening air is cool but not uncomfortable in the days of a warm fall.  The setting sun is setting the turning leaves of the hardwoods firey colors, punctuated by the pines.  I reflect on the Awesome Day I’ve just completed.  It began well after finishing off my 11,578th BrainRant post for my virtual army of fans.  Afterward, I woke Di with a warm cup of coffee and a kiss, then slipped quietly out to the woodshop as she snuggled deeper into the covers.  In the shop, wrapped in the aroma of sawdust, turpentine, and varnish, I expertly finish off another masterpiece of Arts and Crafts furniture to complete our home’s complement.  As I sweep up the wood dust I think what a lucky man I am that in spite of the hours I absent myself in here, Di remains supportive and enthusiastic about the works I generate.

I close the shop and decide, on a whim, to mow the yard a day early.  Fortuitously, Di waves from the back railing with her coffee – I will not awaken her with the mower.  I move from woodworking Zen to lawn care Zen, mowing, edging, and weeding where needed.  I finish and smilingly present Di a heavy basket of fresh garden produce, likely the last of the season.  I munch down some delicious leftovers and set out tonight’s steaks to thaw for later grilling.  I prepare to shower when Di asks me to fetch the mail, and I do so buck naked, just because I can, and because I live so far off paved roads that this behavior is undetectable.  I find a few bills and the inevitable junk mail among the royalty checks for my books and the payments for my highly-sought works of furniture art.  I toss these on the pile for whenever I get around to it.

After making myself smell good with a shower, I take some time to read.  Di tells me the kids are coming over for a visit, and we’re overjoyed.  I help her straighten and prepare the spare bedrooms, and dig out some sleeping bags.  As the afternoon sun gets richer and the shadows lengthen, I fire up the grill as first one and then another car arrives.  Our daughters, finally getting time off from their hectic but well-paying, successful careers, follow the shouting, running, energetic pack of grandkids that are about to wet their pants in excitement over visiting Granddad and Grandmom.  My equally-successful and well-paid sons-in-law greet me with smiles and I remark that they really can stop calling me ‘sir’ after all these years.

After a great dinner, my son calls from somewhere in the world – busy at his latest project but planning on dropping in next month.  I go to the kitchen and find our offspring and great-offspring have cleaned the kitchen.  Before joining everyone for a movie, I pull one last beer from the refrigerator and head outside…

Like I said, probably fiction, but I can always hope.


7 Responses to “AutoTopic: Describe Your Ideal Saturday Night”

  1. And here my ideal Sat. night is just a tad..well, a LOT….different haha. Might be something to do with my age and the fact I’m going to college. Yeah, the less said the better. ;D

  2. Wonderful to be able to gather up your royalty checks while wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes! Just because you can!

    The rest of your family reads like a Danielle Steele novel. 😀

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