Rant: I’m Confused

Someone help me out here.  The wedding of the future King of England gets only slightly more coverage than the wedding of some socialite who is famous for … well I’m not entirely sure for what.  You have got to be kidding.  Up front, I’ll acknowledge the possible hypocrisy of someone talking smack about this topic on his blog, which is really a vehicle for showcasing … well, me.  I see a lot of differences, so let us continue.

Trust me, I was as relieved as the next person once the royal wedding was over and we could get back to coverage of some important shit, like the situation in Libya, or Syria for that matter.  That stuff is important to me because I just may be headed there someday on deployment.  Better yet, the coverage of the debt crisis gave me quite a bit to be pissed off about.  Now for some reason we’re expected to believe that Kim’s wedding is equally important?  Really?

So someone who broke into fame by “accidentally” having a sex video leak and apparently makes a living by being paid to show up at high-end openings, parties, and other irrelevant events that your average guy with thinning hair and a beer gut don’t get invited to is newsworthy.  Oh, and of course tweeting.  Getting paid to tweet… what a concept.  Guess that makes her a professional twit.  The reality show helps too, of course, because dragging your entire family into the unreality of reality shows is always a good idea.  It worked so well for the lady with the clown-car vagina.  Or not.

Now before you comment back about being a heartless ass, let me clarify this line of thought.  I’m a huge fan of capitalism and obviously there are as many folks out there making a buck on this silliness (to include Kim and family) as there are spoiled and useless trust fund brats who are slapping their foreheads for not thinking of this shit first.  I also understand that however pointless and detatched from reality this stuff is (in spite of the ‘reality’ show label), the media are also being Good Capitalists in their exploitation of this family, and that it’s a parasitic symbiosis between them.  I also can’t believe people can actually make a living writing copy about tweets.  I am so in the wrong profession.  Oh, and I am already well aware that I’m a heartless ass.

But that notion implies that there’s a market for this schlock because otherwise the show, tweets, and news coverage would have dried up a while ago.  This is the most disturbing aspect of this to me – that some segments of our society actually find value in this.

The whole Roman Empire-esque “bread and circuses” aspect of this gives me chills.


2 Responses to “Rant: I’m Confused”

  1. Great rant.

    Kim who? 😛

    Actually, by the end of your piece, I remembered vaguely seeing something about Kim Kardashian (sp) getting married. Since I could walk past her on the street without knowing who she is (or caring) . . . I did NOT read the article.

    In short, I don’t know who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.

    When she’s ready to celebrate her Silver Anniversary . . . then I’ll perk up. But since her celebrity marriage is apt to last for less time than a great massage . . . mah!

    • Yeah, well, I wish I could say “Kim who?” but I have a rather inclusive attention span. I have to pay close attention to pretty much everything, in spite of what Di observes. Just means I don’t store all data longer than 2 seconds… what were we talking about?

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