An Act of Patriotism

Readers, I had to pause in the sarcasm to relay an experience.  Here at my installation, we had a Soldier come home on his last journey.  I’m not sure if it was one of the men from the Chinook crash or not, but it’s largely irrelevant.  He served.  He died in service.  He paid the debt of freedom in his blood.

I know you’ll believe me when I say that our two ongoing wars have spanned over half my career thus far and so I’ve seen and attended a few memorials.  The approaching route was lined with Soldiers, civilians, families and others, from the front gate to the post cemetery, and flags were hung in lamppost brackets.  What struck me about this ceremony was the Patriot Guard, who rode escort on the Soldier’s final ride.  Most were flying American flags, and not the small handlebar variety.  It was impressive, and it was touching.  The thunder of their ride made the entire installation stand still, take notice, and reflect.  Complete strangers came together to honor a fallen Soldier and ensure his family had the serenity due them in their final acts of separation and loss.

If you’re someone like the Airport People who thank me for my service when I travel, please widen your target of support and thank a Patriot Guard Rider if you see one.  They surely deserve a pat on the back and a thank-you.

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Curious?  Read here: Patriot Guard

For a literary experience on how we Soldiers return our own to their families, please read this: “The Things That Carried Him”.  This is a lengthy but worthwhile read.


4 Responses to “An Act of Patriotism”

  1. Though I never like hearing about a fellow soldier dying, it’s people like the Patriot Guard Riders that let me know they didn’t die in vane. Thank you for your service. Great post.

    • They are truly awesome. I’d say you have some good rant material with that douchebag ‘church’ group who protests at our funerals. Just a thought. And thanks for the note and the read/like.

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