Random Thought #11

WTFSomeone please tell me WTF is up with fitted sheets?  Why can I never successfully fold them?  I know they can be folded because:

  1. They came that way in the package
  2. My Mom can do it
  3. My wife can do it

My efforts result in a hot mess of a sheetwad every time, and I have an engineering degree and a 6′ wingspan.


10 Responses to “Random Thought #11”

  1. They are TRICKY RABBITS to fold.

    Fortunately, if they fit tight enough on the mattress the wrinkles don’t show.

    Another tip . . . only have ONE set of sheets for each bed. Strip the bed, wash the sheets, put them back on the bed as soon as they’re dry . . . NO FOLDING REQUIRED.

    If you really want to fold them up neatly (and have that kind of time to spend on linens):

    1. Lay them out on the bed with elastic face up.
    2. Fold the elastic portion in about 8 inches from each edge.
    3. CAREFULLY lift one edge to the other side (example East to West) . . . making sure the elastic stays HIDDEN from view.
    4. Repeat #3 in opposite direction (North to South)
    5. Now, you should have a manageable bundle to continue folding until it fits on the shelf.

    Go have a drink. You earned it! 😀

    • Roger, having drink. I figured I’d need something like a rigger’s table (50′ table used to fold and pack parachutes) to do this correctly. Dammit.

      But thanks anyway.

  2. I can’t fold them either but I have MASTERED avoiding the chore. I just have one set of sheets so they have to go straight back on the bed post washing. Problem solved!

    • Well, you’re 2nd person to say just “wash and wear” but for some reason that doesn’t work around here. Something about the Earth’s magnetic field, or something. Dunno.

  3. Here is how I fold a fitted sheet: I don’t.

    Problem solved.

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