Random Thought #10

WTFYou ever wonder about some foods and just how we ‘discovered’ them?  Think about it.  A lot of what we now pay too much money for in snooty restaurants is probably all due to some waterhead too stupid to realize what he/she was doing.

For example: cheese.  At some point in human history, a person opened up a container and found some very, very gone-over milk.  How did that dude come to the conclusion of, “Wow, look at this milk.  It’s so old it’s solid.  Bet it tastes good.  I think I’ll scrape some of this green fuzz off and try me some of that!”


9 Responses to “Random Thought #10”

  1. So many things fall into this category ~ oysters, mussels, clams, yogurt . . . and everything that Andrew Zimmern eats. 😆

    • So true. I try to imagine some caveman looking at a squid or octopus washed up on a beach and thinking, “Mmmm, gooey tentacle creature… mmmm.”

      • I enjoy crab – indeed it’s my favorite food – but I often think that the first person to look at one and think about eating it must have been very hungry.

        • Totally. Why would a rational person look at a crab, lobster or some other evil shelled thingy and think, “Oooooh, damn,now that looks tasty.” Word.

        • Here’s a thought for you all: lobsters and crabs, as well as pillbugs, are crustaceans. I think that means that if you found a pillbug that was two feet long you could cook it and it would turn red and it would taste like a cross between chicken, lobster, and crab…. and have lots of legs to crack. Yeah, fucking disgusting idea.

  2. Hey, Mikey, try it . . . you’ll like it! 😛

  3. I agree with the first comment. Oysters look like something the sea sneezed.

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