You Can’t Make This Shit Up

Ok, so less than 24 hours after I post my epic tales of computer jousting, Daughter Unit The Second calls about her birthday gift, a laptop I refurbished for her.  She decides to put a password on it, and apparently does something incorrect (though she won’t admit it) and now is locked out of the damn thing less than a half hour after receiving it.  Ok, ok, I did giggle a little about it, but I know all about dealing with one’s karma.

And who do you suppose is responsible for this fix?

Actually at this point, happily, it’s looking like Little Miss PrinceAss because Dad doesn’t like being hung up on.  At all #frowny-face#.


Update 2118 hrs:  She calmed down, tried my fix and even got her wireless set up.  I count this as a win… #happy face#

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