In spite of what the S&P downgrade has done – and will do – to my investments, as well as everyone else’s, I gotta admit that was a ballsy move.  Probably the best and most decisive action so far in forcing the government to fiscal responsibility.  Wow.  Somebody put those dudes on a Congressional panel.  Please.

I’m not the brightest light on the porch, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the ‘deal’ we got was no deal at all.  You can’t spend your way out of debt, and paying off a credit card can’t involve increasing the credit limit.

Right now I’m deliberately not thinking about my portfolio, instead just waiting to see what kind of sale prices I’ll be able to get on stocks.  As a buy-n-hold guy, this is like a Back To School Sale.  Everything’s marked down!

I also love the sputtering outrage now spewing from Congressional soup coolers.  They’re shocked – shocked I tell you!  And I’m laughing my ass off thinking of how one simple move demonstrated to these pompous buttclowns just how smugly misguided they were.  ‘Tea Party downgrade’ – nice scapegoating from John Kerry.  Note to Mr. Kerry: we didn’t vote for you once, flipflopper, and I don’t think we’ll do it again.  Sit down and shut up.  Also, did anyone else notice that Charlie Rangel is now apparently a voice of reason in this mess?  Seriously?  Note to Mr. Rangel: you nearly lost your seat because you’re corrupt.  Shut up.

One thing out there in the tripe our media produce is true: next year will be an interesting election.


Update 8/9/11:  “It doesn’t matter what some credit rating agency says about our country”  … or words to that effect.  As the Dow promptly plummets another 600+ points.  Guess this is the ‘change’ you were talking about.  Who knew?

Great job, you FailTard, for being such an arrogant amateur.


2 Responses to “AA+”

  1. I’m just waiting for a Chinese credit company to start harassing members of Congress with debt consolidation plan phone calls:

    “This call is for the United States 112th Congress. If this is not the 112th Congress, please hang up the phone…”

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