Update: Cartwheel Girl

Di is doing ok so far with the exception of her funny (well, not so funny) nervous sensations in her hands as her spine injury un-swells.  She was able to get up out of her Super-Duper-Electronic/Digital-Inflatable-Mattress-1045-Position Hospital Bed tonight.  Good shit, that.  With the right fuel, I think that bed can make 60mph in 5.6 seconds.  She also has The Machine Which Goes ‘Ding.’  I’ve been home for a few hours being a tomato rancher, collecting up and doing laundry, figuring out bills, and other random house stuff.  The cats are acting like they are planning a coup because I cleaned out their shit sand.

Word now is that she’ll hang out in KU Med for a week… something to do with therapy and stuff.  We shall see.  Tomorrow I get to have Obamacare/Tricare/AssTard Program person discussions about insurance and ongoing care.  Message in that statement is twofold: while you do knee time for Di, please pray for the asshat admini-douche I will likely wind up destroying over bureau-screw matters.

Those of you who know me well enough will see through the humourous shit here to know that I am sublimating my stress, concern and fear for my best half in this lame fashion…


One Response to “Update: Cartwheel Girl”

  1. […] a cervical disk.  Doing a cartwheel. For the intensely interested, read about it here and here. This was not a fun month of recovery, but we’re making good […]

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