Serious Business

Okay, I missed posting yesterday for a damn good reason.  Di managed to fall on her head and crush a disc in her neck while attempting to demonstrate a cartwheel.  Needless to say that didn’t come off as planned.  This thru Facebook will be a brief update, though most of the family knows already.

Up front, she’s ok.  I arrived back from Maryland last night at 1030 and drove straight to the hospital.  A nice one with good folks for a change, I might add.  Somewhere in the 30 hours of worry, no sleep and travel home, she got evaluated, scanned, MRI’d, and operated on.  As I mentioned, she’s doing fine.  She won’t be paralyzed in any way, but she’s having difficulty with her hands and odd painful sensations from her forearms down – pinpricks and burning that feels like pain but isn’t really pain in her hands.  Good thing those ten years of living with me will pay off as she deals with that discomfort.  We’re waiting for the spinal swelling to lessen and some of the specialized meds to build up in her and take hold.

One thought I kept having while physically rewinding through airports and airplanes was the number of times I’ve played sports, done stupid shit (“Watch this – hold my beer”), or just had opportunity meet bad luck and I’ve done almost the same thing.  While most of you are probably not even shocked to hear that, and for many it is a confirmation of a long-held belief, not a single time did anything go drastically wrong that amounted to anything worse than a bruised melon and a stiff neck.  What kept me from lying in a hospital bed with IV’s and a serious case of Jesus-make-it-stop?

The other, more chilling thought I keep having in spite of my efforts to do so is that evil, whispering voice of science in my head.  The voice that points out the vectors of force, the strength of bone and flesh, the angles, lines of motion and other elements of the equation that tell me only centimeters one direction or the other, or a slight torque here or there, and I’d be a very sad man right now.

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