Away Yet Again

I am travelling yet again.  This one is back to the same spot in Maryland, to talk to the same people as last week, in the same building.  Don’t ask, it’s kind of complex, and to be honest doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either.  I just follow orders sometimes.

On the bright side, the deja vu nature of this trip did make it pretty easy to figure out where to stay and were to eat because I successfully found a good hotel (nonsmoking, serves free breakfast) and located the handful of decent restaurants in the area last week.  Of course getting out of BWI and through Baltimore was a snap also, but then again, that’s not very challenging anyway.  BWI is up there on my Cool Airports list – the only downside is that you have to ride a bus just to get your rental car.  Colorado Springs beats it because you can get your rental car while you grab your luggage.

For all of you fans who wait breathlessly for a new Fred Adventure, I have to disappoint you this time.  Fred elected to stay home, mainly for the same reasons covered in the whole deja vu spiel above.  Fred values novelty over immersion and repitition.  Fred also values not wearing pants.  I kind of envy him both freedoms.


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