The Adventures of Fred: Maryland

Fred Pimpin' Maryland

Fred accompanied me (as always) to visit Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.  This is the apparent epicenter of where the Army gets Cool New Shit, and since I work along those lines at the moment, this is a trip I was bound to eventually make.  This place is located right on Chesapeake Bay, which is actually an estuary.  I don’t imagine anyone thought “Chesapeake Estuary” sounded right, let alone wanted to deal with the spelling fails.

I mentioned earlier, after my arrival, that compared to my last trip to Fort Campbell, this one is a dream.  I even had to fight through rush hour traffic in Baltimore but didn’t really care because I was still smiling from the upgrade to first class on the flight out.  Fred was overjoyed at that as well.  I think I could hear him smiling.  He also came out of my bag here, as opposed to the previous trip where he was just a bitter little pill about the whole experience.  A pants-less, smiling pill, but a pill nonetheless.  At least he caught up on his reading.

So the battle drill today will be to pack and prepare to roll home.  I hear there may be a slight break in the heat this weekend in Kansas, so maybe I can get some gardening done without risking heat injury.  I’m sure I have some catching up to do in my sideline work as a tomato rancher.


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