It’s A Hot One

I don’t know about you, but it’s been pretty damn hot lately.  Maybe you don’t live where it gets hot, I don’t know.  Maybe you do.  Maybe you are sitting there thinking, “Well, duh, you stupid jackwagon, it’s fricking summer.”

Don’t get me wrong here.  I prefer Summer to Winter.  Generally, though, I prefer Spring and Fall to Summer, but somehow the equinoxes seem like they ought to be in a separate category from the solstices, at least to me.  Again, your opinon here is of course subject to variance.

I’ve lived in some pretty hot places.  Arizona, New Mexico, Fort Irwin (near Death Valley), Texas, Georgia, Afghanistan.  Throw in Kuwait, though I only just hung out there for a few days.  Suffice it to say that my personal hottest day experienced was 135 degrees.  Quite an experience, I recommend it to anyone.  It was a dry heat, though.  Very.  Dry.  At the moment, Kansas is hot.  Being pretty much the belly-button of the United States, it gets nice and humid here too, which is the real issue.  A temperature in the nineties actually comes out to well over 100 with the heat index.

The point of this blog entry really isn’t about the heat, because as I said, I’m digging it.  What I am not looking forward to will come near the end of Summer, when all the media pundits come on line and begin the tired-out speculation about global warming.  Led by douchebag Al Gore (inventor of the internet) and self-interested politicians, newsies will once again demonstrate both a lack of understanding and disregard for any scientific process and method.  It is profiteering and electioneering plain and simple, fueled by fearmongering.

Don’t be fooled.


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