An Ongoing Test of Patience

Well, like many football fans, I am moderately interested in the ultimate resolution of the player/owner talks.  Though I think athletes tend to be overpaid primadonnas, and NFL owners concern over their ‘investments’ drives the game to conservatism (English: not exciting to watch), I still am a football fan.  It was the only sport I showed any talent at other than track, and note there that I intentionally left “& Field” out.  I could run really fast in a straight line.  Not a lot of skill necessary.  Anyway, I am digressing.

Unlike many football fans, I am a Raider Fan.  We are a notably special breed because to be a Raider Fan means you have to get comfortable with disappointment and frustration.  Long-term frustration.  The last really strong showing was Super Bowl 37 in 2003.  One of the seasons near then they got knocked out in the playoffs.  The last win before that was Super Bowl 18 (1984).  To us, most of the intervening years have sucked.  The important thing to the member of the Raider Nation is the loyalty.  Sticking by the Silver and Black season after season, hoping for a miracle but getting another season of pummelling.  We console ourselves on the embers of greatness remembered.  Personally, it’s a good fit because the college teams I root for are Army and the USC Trojans.  Army is well, Army, but you just have to love them and as a grad I have to support the team.  USC was working out pretty well for me there for a while, until they started paying players salaries and had to do that whole give-back-the-BCS-Title thing.

I’ll come out and say it: we Raider Fans also are united in patience.  Not that our Raiders eventually build a roster, keep a head coach longer than one season, or find that spark that results in the Big Win.  No, we are all just patiently waiting for Al Davis to die so we can get on with running a pro football team under some kind of management framework that wasn’t created in a dark niche between Paranoia Land and the Twilight Zone.

Yeah, I’m a callous SOB.


3 Responses to “An Ongoing Test of Patience”

  1. This really answered my problem, thank you!

    • Rex, which problem was that? Why the Raiders suck? Or why pro ball sucks? Hmm. Noticed you’re a Jets fan. Each to his own. Thanks for the read.

  2. […] know I should not bitch too loudly after opening myself up to back-critique in my post about the awesomeness of being a Raider Fan.  Oh well, anyone who knows me also knows I can be […]

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