In Case You Were Wondering

In case any of you were wondering, the header picture (that one, up there, with the sun) was taken in in July of 2009 in Afghanistan.  I was standing on a bump in the ground looking over the distant fenceline of FOB Walton in Kandahar City.  I had been on the FOB for all of two days and had noticed the particularly awesome sunsets.  Others there pointed out exactly where to stand.

The loaf-shaped hill actually looked that way, some remnant of distant volcanic activity or something.  The treeline bounded a farm adjacent to the FOB and police barracks where we were.

Of course, I came to learn later that the awesomeness of the sunsets was a result of the air being full of dust and smoke, and approximately 30% of that was feces.  That and the distant hills and trees probably had some Taliban watching me and wanting to shoot my ass or something.

Still, it’s a great sunset picture.

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