Army Strong

No significant thoughts today.  I’m pretty wiped out.  My cousin Deven and nephew Aaron helped me do some man’s work for my father-in-law.  We did a lot of hard work today and did a lot of hard relaxing as well.  We were, as the advertisement goes, Army Strong.  This reminded me that I’d thought to post a link to the Army video.  The You Tube site is best because it also links to a lot of other videos on the same theme.  So in case you haven’t seen it, I thought I’d post this link so you can check it out.

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your families, enjoy your freedom.  These are the men and women who keep it safe for you:

Beat Navy!

2 Responses to “Army Strong”

  1. outkast86 Says:

    Very simple.

  2. Fine. I fixed it. Happy?

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