War Wagon

This week has been largely devoted to a lot of zipping back and forth between our place and our mechanic.  I’ll spare you the $350 tale of the Blazer’s aborted AC recharge in favor of a new radiator for our other car, the Caddy (a mechanical contrivance slightly more complex than the Space Shuttle).  So far nothing has derailed the plan to reinvigorate the AC and service the Blazer.  So far.  Yet completed is the lube/oil/filter scheduled for today.

I’d mention that the Blazer is old.  It’s a 1996 model I traded a truck in for before I left for Germany.  The Blazer went with me.  At this point, some parts of this SUV have 227,000 or more miles on them – on the way back from a round trip to the Moon.  The engine is a virtually new rebuild though ($4k), the old one destroyed while I was in Afghanistan.  We suspect this occurred at the hand of an impatient teen trying to spin her way out of a snowdrift.  The rod it threw was likely to go sometime anyway, so perhaps it’s a moot point.

After driving in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France, it has done more cross-country trips than I can recall at this point.  It has done its share of U-Haul dragging and home relocation duty.  It has vacationed, visited, and run for groceries.  I have driven in it, been driven in it, eaten from the tailgate, and slept in the back on occasion.  It once even pulled Army duty when the assigned Humvee died under me.

The back hatch complains loudly in an arthritic manner, and the rear wiper operates on an in-the-mood basis.  For the past five months, I have done without a radio – it somehow began draining the battery.  The restoration of the air conditioning will make it a windows-up vehicle for the first time since… uh, 2009 when it spun to death in the snow.  Both rear view mirrors are held on by Super Glue to some degree.  The interior is largely still immaculate in spite of ten years’ worth of child/teen spills, lost gum, discarded snacks, and glitter.

Most financial advice sites advocate buying a new car and driving it well past both the warranty and the loan payment period.  I’ve pretty much set the example with the Blazer.  After years of saving and sacrifice, Di and I are perched on the ledge of looking for a new vehicle.  The good old Blazer figures into the research prominently, because only the full size truck I traded for it felt better to drive.  At this point, the Blazer is the automotive equivalent of an old sneaker.  Nothing comfortably supports my big ass quite as well, so approximation of Blazer Comfort is a yardstick for the yet-identified addition.


One Response to “War Wagon”

  1. outkast86 Says:

    Hey, I found a possible wiring harness diagram for you to look at, it should help.


    Also, I have found through some rigorously horrible exoeriences that one of either the power or ground wires may be touching raw metal, it’s a bad deal and a huge pain in the ass.

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