A Real Rant: Car Rentals

I have had it.  As you know I travel quite a lot, and it normally involves rental cars.  It also involves submitting vouchers for government travel card payment so that I don’t wind up eating the cost of the trip.  Government bean-counters always want a thing called a “zero-balance receipt.”  This document shows that the charge in question was in fact made to the card I’m supposed to use.  Without it I don’t get my reimbursement, no exceptions.

However, the system we use to make travel reservations forces me to pick the cheapest rental option available.  Here comes trouble, because nine times out of ten, this means Budget or Avis.  Care to guess what those two don’t provide?  Yep, a zero-balance receipt.  I’m now on Day Three of repeated calls, begging, threatening, and other methods to try to get someone to send me this document so I can get paid.  No dice.  They (Budget) won’t do it.

Interestingly, this has largely precluded me doing the actual work the Army expects me to.  To my mind, that means someone’s not getting their money’s worth out of me, which in reality are all you taxpayers out there.  In fact, by my rough calculations, assuming that as a Soldier I work 24 hours a day for 365 days each year, I clear $10.76 an hour, or $258.30 a day.  If you use the civilian 40-hour workweek model, it jumps to $45.32 per hour / $362.62 per day.  In total, Budget has cost the taxpayers $774.90 (or $1087.85) overall for all this bullshit.  And I’m not yet done with fixing this voucher for a $95.24 car rental.  Does anyone else here see the inherent stupidity of the situation?  I’m not figuring in the 15 minutes’ worth of time I spent typing this because I’m labelling this as cathartic therapy.  That’s worth your dime.

Don’t rent from Budget or Avis.  They suck.

2 Responses to “A Real Rant: Car Rentals”

  1. outkast86 Says:

    How do 2 car-rental agenciea that are the cheapest, and therefore know they will get the government employee traveler business, not provide zero-balance reciepts? That is insane.

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