This post may well get me in trouble, but since I’m confident that it won’t be anything like the epic Fat Lady Haircut comment, I’m judging this to be an acceptable risk. 

I found this gem of a statistic in a story that was linked to some random news page that I read and I couldn’t resist the title: “Five Weird Facts About Your Wife’s Brain.”  The red text means to can poke it and read the article. The statistic is this:

On average, women speak at a rate of 250 words per minute, while men average half that. In the course of a day, a woman will speak some 20,000 words, while we guys utter about 7,000.

Actually, for those of you paying attention, there are four total interesting statistics, and in the comparisons, two very interesting differences.  Think about it – 20k to 7k represents nearly a three-to-one ratio of raw words.  Only an extra thousand words and you’re there.  If you adjust the woman to be a mildly high-strung machine gun talker and the guy to be a moderately reticent sphinx, you could get into the 5:1 ratios or worse.  In the Army, a 3:1 ratio in your strength to the enemy’s constitutes acceptable conditions for launching an attack.  The military calls it overwhelming combat power overmatch.  Shock and Awe, in other words.

I’ve often tried to convince my wife that these statistics exist and support my condition but have not been able to prove it.  I am generally and chronically accused of being Not Very Communicative.  While I can’t really deny that at all, I’d like to at least take comfort in the notion that there’s a reason.  This information above tends to support that.  After a day on the phone, I’ve used up all my words.  There are no more.  I want to sit and color with crayons or play with clay-dough and the best I can hope for is a reliable stream of ‘listening sounds’ to keep me out of trouble.  You know what I mean – the little half-words we use to support your half of a conversation such as, ‘uh huh,’ and ‘right,’ or, ‘I see.’

Now I can take comfort in knowing there are hard numbers out there in support of my case while I end up being wrong anyway.  That, and Di loves me anyway.


7 Responses to “Words”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. outkast86 Says:

    There are many statistics out there, but the best place to go find them is a woman run women’s psychology site or something similar.

    • Dude, how the hell would a caveman like me know were to find a women’s psychology site run by women? I’m probably banned in advance from those.

  3. I agree 100%

  4. matt laclear Says:

    Good points

  5. matt laclear seo Says:

    Right on!

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