The Adventures of Fred: Fort Carson

Fred in our hotel room

As you likely inferred from my last post, I’m on the road yet again.  This time, Fred and I are back in Colorado Springs to do some business at Fort Carson.  This entry may be jumping the gun a bit – we just arrived this afternoon.  We’re here on a mission to gain some feedback on how to make the software I work on for the Army better, easier to use, and have a stronger bacon flavor.

Fred in all his pantsless glory has actually been here with me before.  In fact that previous trip predicated this one – kind of like bludgeoning yourself in the face with a hammer causes slight bruising.  Such, however, were my orders.  I execute with violence.

For the intensely curious: Fred and I agree our Hyundai rental car sucks dead rhino poo, even though it’s almost small enough for Fred to drive.  We suspect it was made from four beer cans and a lawnmower engine.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guesstimate that this trip will be all right.  Climate-wise, it’s a win.  We left Kansas this morning with good weather but a 95% chance of shitty with continuing shitty through the next two days.  That generally means hot, humid and mosquito-ridden.  Here, however, it is sunny, 70F, and dry.  As I said: Win.

You can’t beat the scenery either, being snuggled up against the toes of the Rocky Mountains.  Overall, I suppose I wouldn’t terribly mind being stationed here, at least after I’d finally acclimated to the altitude.  This is one thing I’m not looking forward to tomorrow: heading to the gym.  On the last visit, I managed to endure an entire mile and a half before my legs started going numb and a tearing cramp wormed its way up from my stomach, around both lungs, and rooted into my neck.  No air.  International panel of judges says: Fat Guy On Treadmill – Fail.


2 Responses to “The Adventures of Fred: Fort Carson”

  1. whiteladyinthehood Says:

    Damn, you are funny.

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