The Adventures of Fred


How did I happen to gain a tiny, poseable, plaid-shirt-wearing, smiling stuffed frog to travel with?  Story is, my Mom sent Fred to me while I was deployed to Afghanistan.  According to the note she included in the box (which also contained snack food – thanks, Mom!), Fred was apparently sent to make sure I was ok.  My instructions were to make sure Fred came home.

Once that mission was successfully completed, Fred and I had a conversation, and decided that he’d hang out with me whenever I travel:

Me: “Hey, Fred, you wanna keep going everywhere with me?

Fred: [merely smiles]

Me: “Should I take that as a ‘yes’?”

Fred: [continues smiling]

Me: “Dude, you’re not much for conversation, are you?”

Fred: [still smiling]

Thus was born our partnership.  Fred enjoys the role of being a small green Waldo (as in, “where is Waldo?”) as you can tell from the smile he has.  I enjoy people walking by me on Army installations and random cities around the country wondering why a 42-year old man would be taking a picture of a tiny green stuffed frog that is wearing a plaid shirt (and no pants).  I prefer to remain mysterious.

Thus far, Fred has been to: Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany (stopover), Ireland (stopover), New York, Washington (state), D.C., Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas (duh), Missouri, California, Oklahoma, and Colorado.  Tomorrow, we head to Fort Campbell, where Fred will be able to knock out both Kentucky and Tennessee.  A well-travelled dude.

Up until I created this Blog of the Truly Random, I’d only click a picture with my BlackBerry and send it to my Mom, who gets a real kick out of Fred’s adventures.  Today it occurred to me that this fit well within the bounds of Truly Random, so here you are.  I’ll try to update with other posts capturing the places we’ve already been, and will keep everyone updated as to where we have just returned from.



9 Responses to “The Adventures of Fred”

  1. […] In that reflective period I had rammed, without lube, up my ass, I realized I’d left poor Fred at home, and he will probably not speak to me for a day or […]

  2. It’s nice to meet you, Fred. Your Fred is far less menacing than mine. It must be nice to have a Fred that’s got your back, as opposed to one that would kill you in your sleep.

  3. Yay, it’s sort of a thing primary school kids do, they take the class bear to a foreign country and take a picture then send it back to the class.
    And wow, you were in the army, got the up-most respect for you.

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