The Adventures of Fred: Fort Benning

Fred and Our Ride

In January of 2011 Fred and I arrived in Fort Benning to conduct a thing called a User Jury for the Army software I help manage right now.  Fort Benning is in Georgia, immediately on the Chattahoochee River and abutting Columbus on the western border with Alabama.

In fact, for some unknowable reason, my room where I stayed had been booked across the river in Phenix City, Alabama.  There’s likely an entire blog post in that alone.  Short version is this: at the time we called an Army-contracted travel agency to book all air, car and hotel stuff, then got authorization to travel (backwards, yes; sense, none).  Under this arrangement, you took what you got from the lady on the phone.  Now we go on the computer and arrange everything ourselves, which takes literally ten times as long, and the lady on the phone still gets $4.50 of your taxpayer dollars just to actually press a button that says, “yeah, ok, book the air/car/hotel this guy picked.”
Anyway, this week-long event in Georgia ultimately turned out just great.  I collected a lot of awesome feedback that someday will make what I’m working on a lot better.  Fred had a fine time as well, though he’s not entirely sold on the whole concept of Alabama.  The aspect of this journey that made Fred’s trip was the rental car we somehow completely stumbled on.  I thought it was all right myself.  The brief conversation with the rental agent in the Atlanta Airport went like this:
AGENT: “Sir, I have your reservation. Would a convertible Mustang GT be all right with you?”
ME: [pause, mouth open] “What did you just say?”
AGENT: “Oh, I know, it’s only a 2010 model, but is that all right?”
ME: [snickering]
AGENT: “Sir?”
ME: [extending my arm] “Lady, twist my arm. You’re my personal rock star today.”
I probably don’t have to tell you about the awesome performance of that car, and being January, how awesome it was to be somewhere warm enough to actually put the top down and enjoy the ride, or about how something with an engine like that will go from 70mph to 92mph during a passing maneuver so fast and smoothly that avoiding the ticket was pretty much impossible.

6 Responses to “The Adventures of Fred: Fort Benning”

  1. That was supposed to be MY rental car!

  2. A Ford? Really?


    John E. needs to take you out back and smack you.

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