The Most Awesome Hamburger in the World

Ok, so since this is my forum and I get to post (almost) whatever I want, I’ll kick off what will probably be a very long list of ratings of random stuff with one about The Finest Hamburger In The World Period:

The In-n-Out Double Double

There is really no way to adequately describe the delicious, juicy awesomeness of an In-n-Out hamburger.  Words like ‘awesome’ and ‘best’ tickle the edges of it, as does ‘orgasmic.’  For those of you lucky humans who have been lucky enough to eat one, you know (and I see you all nodding out there, feeling kinda hungry).  The In-n-Out is to hamburgers what bacon is to meat in general.

True Story:  My lovely wife and I flew to Vegas for a family event in ’08 (?).  After landing at the airport, collecting bags, and driving our crappy rental to our hotel, all we did was drop our s**t and get back in the car to go directly to the nearest In-n-Out — do not pass go, don’t bother with the $200.  I happily ate two Double Doubles in a row that first visit.  Over the rest of the three-day trip, four more were installed in my belly.  This is a creation so delicious we would drive for 45 minutes (one way) just to eat one.  This was a recurring event when we were stationed in Fort Irwin, even at 9PM.  They are simply that good.

To eat one of these amazing creations is to forever ruin your taste for other, lesser burgers.  Your first Double Double is like a first kiss – only the awesome aspect of this comparison is that you can revisit that moment over and over.  God help me just typing this is making me hungry.

Somebody out there tell me I’m wrong – I dare you – but only on the condition that you’ve had the Glorious Double Double…


One Response to “The Most Awesome Hamburger in the World”

  1. […] scratch. I did, I have mastered them, and I am both fat and happy now. And admittedly gassy. Like In-N-Out Hamburgers, part of their key to success is to have only a few menu items but make all of them […]

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