You know, it’s only 2011 and I’m already sick of the coverage of the 2012 race.  No wonder Americans are fed up.  Seems like not a lot more than a well-rehearsed dance between party hacks, the media, and the candidates.  Do they really think we’re all that ignorant?

I think the only progress over the last round in ’08 is that people are seriously pissed about the state of the economy.  Not that we’re being listened to, of course – don’t get me wrong.  There’s a lot of talk about fixing things that really amounts to cutting tiny bits off of budgets.  Meanwhile, we continue to streak headlong toward indentured, financial servitude of our children and grandchildren.  Funny, how once you establish a major hand-out program, it never goes away?  It becomes a self-licking ice cream cone…

Now I’m obviously not the roundest bowling ball in the rack (though my head belies that statement), but I’d estimate that we clearly ought to have some kind of Constitutional limit on our own spending, like a balanced budget amendment.  Yeah, there’s a lot of howling about this from all corners, but anyone else notice not a lot of action?  Maybe because our duly elected know that is a blow to the heart of their power: spending.

I laugh at the notion that someone said, straight-faced, that the best way to get out of government debt is to spend more money.  Right.  The way to fix my maxed-out credit cards is to go charge more s**t.  Wealth does create wealth, but not from the hand of the government.  Also, I see the bluster about Social Security, Medicare, and such as just talk.  Although I’d support just eliminating them, that’s probably too radical at this point.  Privatizing it might help, and so would making the funds behind them untouchable (oh, you think there’s an actual pile of money there for SS?).  As I said above, I’m not the smart guy you want fixing this, but fixing is required, even if that costs some politicians votes.

Now I can sit back and wait for the deluge of hate that will rain upon me for this…


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